Our Core Values

 Our Mission:

“Our mission is to provide the best service and amazing products to support the success of our clients in the eCommerce community.  We thrive through continually helping each other learn to anticipate and adapt to the rapidly changing eCommerce marketplace.”

We Learn.

What: We have a desire to learn. We always strive to have a growth mindset and we understand that our ability to learn directly impacts all aspects of our lives.

Why: If we are not learning, we are dying.


We Create.

What: We use our knowledge to create. We create a work environment that we are proud of. We create value for our clients. We create tools to improve our clients lives. We create content to share our knowledge with the world.

Why: Knowledge without execution is worthless.


We Inspire.

What: We inspire each other. We inspire our clients. We inspire our community. We encourage, cultivate, and celebrate inspiration.

Why: When you inspire someone, they will never forget you.


The CPC Strategy Commitment:

We are a company built on a foundation of people & partnerships – from our partnerships with each other to our partnerships with our clients.

Together we strive to create an environment where we each see the benefits of coming into the office every day, and also an environment where our clients see the benefits of our services every day. Our desire to perfect the experience of working in and with CPC Strategy pushes us forward.

High employee and client retention rates are not the goal, they are simply the byproduct of the hard work we put into each & every single partnership we create.