What You Need to Know About CDPs

Learn how to use CDPs to fuel your multichannel and data-driven marketing development


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Thursday, March 21st @ 11am PT

Customer data platforms (CDPs) have increasingly developed and have created a lot of buzz, but many marketers are still unsure exactly how they are enabling marketers to enhance their advertising strategies. To successfully optimize your current marketing efforts, it’s vital to understand how to utilize your first-party data to enhance value proposition messaging to consumers. Our experts will unpack what you need to know about CDP to help you optimize your marketing strategy and improve your current consumer engagement journeys. 

Some Topics We’ll Discuss:

  • Breakdown of what CDP is
  • How a CDP enhances your existing marketing systems
  • Understanding where the customer is in the buyer’s journey
  • How to create customized value proposition messaging
  • Unification of data, analysis and creative messaging on a individual level

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Event Speakers


Andrew Richardson

VP of Analytics

Sam Ngo

Director of Product Marketing

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