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How to Successfully Protect Your Brand on The Amazon Marketplace

Actionable Steps to Policing Your Brand on the Amazon Marketplace


The Story: For years now, brands have continuously knocked on Amazon’s door to ask them to enforce punishment on unauthorized re-sellers for their violations.

While Amazon has taken steps in the right direction with their new ‘Brand Gating’ policy – it’s still not enough to compensate for the number of unauthorized sellers on the marketplace.

Don’t Miss Out – Former member of the Amazon Seller Services Team, Pat Petriello, and Director of marketing at Market Track, Ryne Misso, will be diving into how brand manufacturers can effectively protect their brands on the Amazon Marketplace.

Event Layout:

  • The mechanics that make protecting your brand a continuous effort
  • What to watch for when diagnosing violations of your brand
  • The importance of violation validation & prioritization
  • How measurement relates to your brand protection problems
  • How consistency in enforcement strengthens your brand policies
  • Live Q&A

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Course Speakers

Pat Petriello

Head of Marketplace Strategy


Ryne Misso

Director of Marketing

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