State of the 2017 Amazon Marketplace

An Expert Round-Table Discussion Amazon Sellers Can’t Afford to Miss

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The Story: As we close the door on the Amazon Marketplace in 2016 – we see even more opportunity that opens to Amazon Sellers & Vendors alike in 2017.

But without proper planning & forecasting, many sellers may see any new changes in the Amazon Marketplace affect their sales, fulfillment, pricing, marketing strategy & even profitability.

The Event –  Join our 4 Amazon Experts in a round-table discussion as they dive into expectations, trends & strategies that they predict will shape the Amazon Marketplace in 2017.

Event Layout:

  • How to Properly Prepare for International Expansion
  • Product Reviews – What’s Going to Happen Now?
  • Leveraging Your Marketing Strategy to Drive Sales
  • Customizable Pricing Strategies to Higher Profitability
  • What’s Going on With Amazon’s Brand Gating Policy?
  • Join us for the Live Q&A

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Event Speakers


Pat Petriello

Head of Marketplace Strategy



Greg Mercer




Jordan Schanzer

Director of Marketing



Jeremy Biron

Founder and President



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