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How to Create Optimized Amazon Product Listings for 2017

Expert Strategies to Get Your Products to Rank in Amazon’s Search Results

Tuesday, January 31st | 11AM-12PM PST/2PM-3PM EST


The Story: 2017 is here – But you must ask yourself: Are your product listings optimized enough to show up for shoppers’ searches on the Amazon Marketplace? Are your most profitable keywords ranking? Are you improving your click through rates and conversion rates to maximize your profitability?

The Event –  We’ve brought in CEO & Founder of Skubana, as well as our very own Head of Marketplace Strategy – who’ll discuss key optimizations you need to be making to stay ahead of your competition in 2017.

Event Layout:

  • Understanding Amazon’s A9 Search Algorithm
  • How to Create Conversion Rate Optimized Compelling Content
  • Case Study of Amazon Sellers’ Optimized Content that’s CRUSHING it
  • Title, Featured Bullet Points, Photos, Reviews, Video
  • How to Get Frequently Purchased Products Together
  • Amazon Tools That’ll Help You Streamline Optimizations


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Course Speakers

Pat Petriello

Head of Marketplace Strategy



Chad Rubin

 CEO & Co-Founder



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