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Top 10 Google Shopping Mistakes Draining Your Budget & How To Fix Them Today


Event Storyline:

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been using the program since its early days–no one is exempt from making mistakes on Google Shopping.

However, there are ways to reduce those mistakes that end with unapproved products, low impressions & especially a low return on investment.

Event Layout:

  • Why Aren’t you Optimizing Your Merchant Product Feeds?
  • Stop Bidding the Same for Mobile & Desktop!
  • Disorganized Shopping Campaigns = Missed Opportunity
  • Proper Bid Adjustments on Your Product Mix
  • Why It’s Essential to Use Google Merchant Promotions
  • There’s 5 More Common Mistakes…Join Us to Find them Out

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Event Speakers

Jason Bell

 Sr. Retail Search Manager


Lewis Brannon

 Sr. Retail Search Manager


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