Sophisticated Facebook Custom Audience Targeting Techniques

Saving Your Ad Spend, Driving More Traffic & Improving Your ROI

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For some marketers, Custom Audiences are considered an absolute necessity to improve Facebook performance. But for many others, who don’t fully understand the sophistication of these unique targeting options, it’s going to be difficult to see improvement in your Facebook ad strategy. This webinar will give you the targeting techniques to implement today.

Event Layout:

  • Proper Custom Audience Structuring & Techniques
  • Look-A-Like Audiences: Bigger List = Bigger Sales
  • Audiences we Find Have a Direct Impact on ROI
  • Ever Tried an Engagement Audience? Let’s Check it Out
  • Have a Question? Bring it to the Live Event!

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Event Speakers

Polly Flinch

 Director of Marketing


Sarah Rogers

 Manager, Performance Social


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