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The Story: Despite all of its complexity and advancements, modern-day Google Shopping strategy has really boiled down to one key concept: How do you get a specific SKU to show up for particular shopper searches? Shopping campaigns are not set up to address this question, but with the right technology and structuring, advertisers can intentionally get more aggressive on specific search terms.

The Report: This guide addresses the age old question around Shopping, outlining 2 fundamental keyword targeting strategies that have proven to be effective implementations for our clients.

Who It’s For: Brands/retailers already advertising on Google Shopping


You’ll Learn:

  • Why “Exact Match” targeting is an ideal feature for PLAs
  • How to get creative with negative keyword additions
  • Creating a Google Shopping search term “whitelist”
  • How to funnel traffic based on search terms with ISO campaigns
  • Streamlining search term targeting with programmatic technology


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