Strategic Paid Search Marketing Automation Series

Optimize Your Search Campaigns with Google Smart Ads,
Competitor Analysis & Controlled Budget

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Are you leveraging Google’s newest machine-learning Ad Units? Google’s automation features have become much more sophisticated and powerful over the years. The new responsive search ads and smart bidding provides advertisers with more control over your campaigns from attribution to target goals – if used properly. Join our webinar as we dive into the best approach to optimize your campaigns with Google’s Smart Ads Units, competitor analysis and controlled budget. 

What You Can Expect

  • Best Practices to Elevate Search Performance
  • Benefits from Improving Performance with Smart Bidding
  • How to Show Up on Local Consumers Google Search Results
  • Aligning Your Budget with Your Smart Bidding
  • When to Use Automation to Save Time & Improve ROI

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    How to Leverage Google’s Smart Ad Units for Profitability

    Advanced machine learning has been able to reduce manual efforts in Google’s Smart Ad with its algorithm elements. Learn to set unique performance target goals & optimize search bids to your attribution model. Hit your target ROAs and maximize conversions while Improving your Google’s Smart Ad Units performance. Join our expert Search speakers as we unpack how to improve your campaign’s performance with Smart Bidding, LSAs, and Responsive Search ads.

  • Kenshoo PRESENTS:

    Automation & Cross-Channel

    Search is getting so complicated: multiple search engines, bidding algorithms and AI, forecasting, and budget management. In this world of machine automation how do I maximize my productivity without losing control? In this session we’ll have a look at the tools available to search marketers in Google Ads as well as some time-saving technologies that have been implemented by 3rd party platforms to help you save time, extend your reach, and be more competitive in your SEM program.

  • Adthena PRESENTS:

    Bringing a Whole Market View Perspective into Your Search Strategy

    Machine Learning and AI have been an integral part of search advertising, helping businesses grow. But automation has also lead to a competitive myopia leaving you unable to understand what your competition is doing. Therefore, you end up operating with competitive blindness across your whole market landscape. Adding a Whole Market View perspective into your competitive intelligence, powered by machine Learning and AI technology, will help you leverage market opportunities as they arise. Join Adthena in a 5-step journey on how AI-powered Competitive Intelligence can help you win against competition, expand in new territories and reduce your SEM costs using real-life examples. 


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Event Speakers

Aaron Levy

Director, Paid Search

Lewis Brannon

Senior Retail Search Manager

Allen Hammock

Director, Search Strategy

Nikos Drakatos

Director of Product Marketing

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