Reverse Engineering Four Google AdWords & Shopping Strategies For 2018

Enhanced CPC | Target ROAS | Target CPA | Target & Bid

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With the evolution of Google AdWords & Shopping come new strategies and tactics. Here are the results of 4 high impact AdWords & Shopping strategies we tested in 2017 to help you plan and execute for 2018.

Tests We’ll Be Going Over:

  • Test 1: Enhanced CPC – How Enhanced CPC differs for Search vs Shopping
  • Test 2: Target CPA – Cost per Acquisition can be a good option for certain advertisers
  • Test 3: Target ROAS – When it makes sense to use this strategy across various accounts
  • Test 4: Target & Bid Audiences for generic search – Scaling your new customer acquisition profitably

Don’t Miss Out—Lewis Brannon, Sr. Retail Search Manager at CPCS, will be discussing the results of 4 Google AdWords/Shopping tests we’ve run and how to implement these tests and leverage the learnings yourself.

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Event Speakers


Lewis Brannon

Sr. Retail Search Manager

Anson Han

Digital Marketing Analyst

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