Redbubble Case Study

Redbubble Seeks Maximum Google Shopping Profitability, Increases ROAS by 85.23%


Redbubble is a unique ecommerce site that sells over 15 million products with custom designs. They were advertising products on Google Shopping through in-house management but knew that in order to scale growth for the channel, they would have to outsource campaign management.


They came to CPC Strategy in late March of 2014 looking to improve channel performance for Product Listing Ad campaigns in the United States and abroad, including the United Kingdom and Australia.


Reviewing the Account


With such a massive product feed, Redbubble submits their product data directly via the Google API and were looking to off-load only campaign management. They partnered with CPC Strategy to scale out their Google Shopping campaigns through full-service management.


After a thorough audit of the existing Product Listing Ad campaigns, CPC Strategy’s Retail Search Management team recognized several immediate areas for growth. At the time, the existing campaign was:


  • Not making use of advanced bid modifications by day or location
  • Still in the old Product Listing Ad format, not the new Shopping campaigns format
  • ​Neglecting the effect of negative keywords on COS
  • Completely shutting off mobile traffic and conversions despite having a mobile-optimized website




Redbubble is a marketplace for artists and designers to create custom products, from iPhone cases to apparel. Founded in 2006, the ecommerce site has been the recipient of multiple awards and is on track to generate over $80 million annual revenue for 2014.


Seth Berman | Head of Customer Acquisition & Retention


“I love working with Anthony and the CPC Strategy team. They do a great job of quickly resolving account issues when they pop up and are very thorough in the performance reports and strategy changes they make for my campaign. Best of all, they understand where my business is at, how Google Shopping fits into our overall ecommerce strategy, and their service reflects that. These guys get feeds, PLAs, and ecommerce strategy in general – a great package.”

Scaling Google Shopping for Success

Redbubble worked with their dedicated team to articulate meaningful, ROI-focused goals for the partnership. The following optimization strategies were implemented with the goal of maximizing ad visibility for Redbubble’s huge catalog
at a profitable rate:


  • Search term harvesting to identify high-volume of negative keywords (unique to Redbubble’s huge and widely varying product catalog) and new opportunities
  • Transitioned Redbubble’s 3 international campaigns to the new Shopping campaigns format, followed by granular product segmentation
  • Implemented bid modifications for mobile traffic, which was previously turned off completely (-100%), to receive orders from mobile shoppers
  • Set time-of-day (day-parting) and location-based (geo-targeting) bid modifications to further boost campaign profitability
  • Maximized impression share for core product segments 
  • Triaged profitable artistic themes for increased sales velocity 


Before partnering with CPC Strategy, Redbubble managed Google Shopping campaigns in-house. The results below compare 2 months of in-house management to 2 months after launching with CPC Strategy.

Dates Compared: 2/9/2014 – 4/5/2014 vs. 4/6/2014 – 5/31/2014


Avg. CPC Decreased
by 36.7%

Cost Per Conversion Dropped
by 43.7%

Return On Ad Spend Increased
by 85.23%


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