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This guidebook will outline the details of Google Shopping Campaigns’ structure, how to get started, and Shopping Campaigns best practices.


42 pages | Get the Guide


The most comprehensive Product Listing Ads Guide on the planet is back! The second edition covers the latest Google Shopping innovations, including local and mobile PLAs.


Industry Recognized | Get the Guide


A whopping 95% of overall traffic leaves without making a purchase. Learn how to win your customers back and get them to buy from your site.


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Product Level Guide


While multiple ad groups for Product Listing Ad campaigns are a good idea,
creating an ad group for every product is just a basic segmentation strategy.


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Looking to transfer stores to a new ecommerce software provider? Make sure it goes smoothly by learning the best practices, avoiding the red flags, and hearing the past experiences from merchants.


26 pages | Get the Guide


This is THE book of resources to help you find answers and information relating to search and digital advertising. It covers a variety of retail search topics including paid search, content marketing, SEO, video strategy, and much more.


35 pages | Get the Guide

Bing Product Ads Guide


Expose your products to a new audience. Get a head start on the competition by being first to learn how to make Bing Product Ads work for your business.


New Guidebook | Get the Guide


In this practical eBook, retail advertisers will learn 10 key areas to focus on when optimizing AdWords campaigns for mobile traffic.


51 pages | Get the Guide


The answer to all your product data feed questions and concerns are here. Learn how to optimize your product data and manage comparison shopping campaigns with The Shopping Feed Management Guide.


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Once again, Google has changed the way we advertise on the web. Target and turn past visitors into customers with Google’s new Dynamic Remarketing program.


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This is the most comprehensive Product Listing Ads Guide on the planet. Learn everything you need to know about having a successful PLA camapaign.


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Learn exclusively from Bing & CPC Strategy how to use the new Bing Product Ads program to drive new sales and new qualified traffic to your site.


51 min | Watch Webinar


In this LIVE webinar with CPC Strategy & Google, you will learn everything you need to know to about upgrading to Shopping Campaigns and optimizing performance with the new model.


1hr 5min | Watch Webinar


Understand when and why shoppers abandon carts and proactively decrease cart abandonment by learning directly from the experts.


48 min | Watch Webinar


Google Shopping recently became a paid comparison shopping engine. We host with Google’s Jon Venverloh to cover the major changes coming to Google PLAs and how merchants can take advantage of the program.


1hr 2min | Watch Webinar


This webinar covers the newest update to Google Shopping and how advertisers can maximize ROI with the new Google Shopping Campaign structure.


45 min | Watch Webinar


We team up with landing page optimization platform, Unbounce, to cover best practices for increasing conversion rates during the ultra-busy Q4 shopping season.


49 min | Watch Webinar


Data feed optimization is a technical, difficult, and mundane subject for many retail businesses. We cover conversion rate optimization and improving product data with CRO platform ConversionIQ.


48 min | Watch Webinar


We team up with Moz to cover increasing conversions and relevancy with your Google Shopping campaigns.


1hr 12min | Watch Webinar

3 PLA Mistakes That Leave Money on the Table


Getting the most out of the Q4 rush is everything to a retail business. We go over 3 Google Shopping strategies that you can implement last-minute, just in time for the holiday shopping season.


1hr 6min | Watch Webinar


We cover Google’s new Dynamic Remarketing program, including setup, benefits, and best practices.


1hr 22min | Watch Webinar

Research Reports



The Comparison Shopping Report is designed for marketers, agencies, retailers, and market-research analysts to get a bird’s-eye view of the top-performing comparison shopping engines.


2009-Present | See Report


Google Shopping Campaigns are replacing PLA’s in August 2014. This report takes a look at online retailers’ performance on the new Google Shopping Campaigns.


2009-Present | See Report


We took a look at Google’s main revenue driver for e-commerce businesses: Google Shopping (a.k.a. Google Product Listing Ads) over the course of Q3 2012 to Q4 2013.


8 pages | See Report


We selected a representative sample of clients and analyzed store & Google Shopping performance on Thanksgiving weekend. Additionally, we uncovered some surprising mobile consumer trends.


12 pages | See Report