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Stay In-Stock And On Budget For The Holidays

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Q4 2018 will see Amazon continue to break records for revenue and sales. However, if you aren’t prepared on both the advertising & inventory front, you’ll just be watching your competitors blow right past you.

In this bootcamp, you’ll find everything you need to know to adequately prepare for Q4. We’ll also be sharing a downloadable infographic ONLY for attendees!


Topics We’ll Discuss:

  • Looking at Q4 2017 data to inform decision making
  • Practical Q4 tips for advertising and inventory
  • What you can do between now and Q4
  • The importance of Q4 on Amazon
  • …and a live Q&A with our experts!

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Event Speakers

Aaron Gooden
Lead, Marketplace Analyst

Liz Fickenscher
Lead, Business Development

Robin Yarow
Manager, Customer Engagement

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