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How To Create Product Listing Ads Ad Groups

1) Select:  ‘+ New Ad Group’ button on the second page when creating an Ad Group:


Remember your All Products Ad Group encompasses your entire data feed. Any changes you make to your data feed (products out of stock, eliminating products under a certain price threshold, etc.) will modify this Ad Group.

If you can, you should break out your campaign with different Ad Groups for best sellers, brands, categories, seasonal items, price buckets, and similar well performing metrics once the initial All Products Ad Group is set up.


When you create those more specific Ad Groups, you’ll need to deselect the All Products option.

Don’t get too overzealous about creating a lot of Ad Groups right out of the gate with PLAs. The best Ad Groups are those that use past performance data from the All Products Ad Group, where you’ll find pockets of good products that you can isolate in an Ad Group and increase the bid.

Creating a lot of Ad Groups based off Analytics from another channel or from your site as a whole can be a good idea for something like a Best Sellers group, but you may run into trouble if you create too many specific Ad Groups based off similar assumptions.

Long story short, try to build out your Google Shopping campaign using Google Shopping data.

product listing ads free google shopping clicks jason“Typically I recommend starting with maybe 4-6 Ad Groups (including All Products). As you begin to collect data you can look within Analytics to check out what products are converting. From there you can typically find out if any Brands, Product Types, etc are trending positively.”


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