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Determine Which Days of the Week Perform Best for Your Product Listing Ads Campaign

One of the coolest features which AdWords has for PLAs is the ability to view day of the week metrics for your PLA campaign.

This is something you won’t get much value from until after your campaigns have been running for a while, but is really useful once you have some ad group performance data accumulated.

To view day of the week dimensions for your Google Shopping PLA ad groups, select ‘day of the week‘ in AdWords under View > Time in the Dimensions tab as in the following example:


If you can establish trends from this data (e.g. conversions tend to be higher on Mondays and lower on Tuesdays), you can use this information to create bidding rules to optimize performance during those times.

Merchant Actions: Notice you can also break the data down into different chunks of time, such as month and quarter, which gives you more reporting and bidding options.

DO NOT make any bidding rules for days of the week without identifying these trends through Analytics and or using your in house data.

This is how the ‘Day of the week’ breakdown looks like in the Dimensions tab in the Google Adwords login:



Quick Tip: If you want to add or remove any dimensions to this report, you can always do so under Columns > Customize Columns in the Dimensions tab like in the following example:


Once you know when shoppers are purchasing more (or less) during the week, and if those purchases are meeting your goals (or exceeding), you can modify bids to get your desired result. You may want to change bids during times of high traffic, or increase bids during times when your products don’t get enough orders (or orders with a COS which matches your goals), etc.

This is a great way to account for seasonality as well, and hit holidays such as Black Friday with more aggressive CPC bids.

product listing ads cpc bid jason“When increasing bids during peak times make sure your budget can handle the increase! If you place bids to bump up during 12-5pm on a Saturday but your budget is maxed out by 3:30pm all of your listings are coming down.”


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