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CPC Strategy’s PLA Only Service

If your business is expanding and you’re looking for new customers and you don’t want to bother with the other Shopping Portals then our Google Shopping PLA Only service was designed for you.

How Does It Work?

Our CPC Strategy PLA Specialist Team is a group of individuals with experience and expertise in managing and optimizing PLA campaigns.  We collaboratively look over your analytics and past PLA campaigns and create bidding strategy designed specifically for your eCommerce business.

Our team will check your campaign’s performance each and every day to look for opportunities to increase sales or cut costs.  We continuously reevaluate all campaigns and bidding strategies with seasonal trends and consumer buying cycles in mind. This  makes certain that we are reaching the best ROI possible for you.

In addition to receiving the utmost attention from our group of PLA experts, you will receive detailed weekly analytic reports of your PLA campaign’s performance.  We are 100% transparent about the work we do so you will always have an idea of the changes we are making to your campaigns.

Our PLA Management Process:

When you sign with CPC Strategy, we dive into your ecommerce analytics and past campaigns to identify opportunities to boost your conversions and cut costs.  After that and as a team, we develop a customized campaign structure and bidding strategy for your business.

Our goal is drive as much profitable traffic to your business as possible.  After the first 30 days of collecting actionable data, we reevaluate your campaign to pinpoint opportunities to improve conversions or lower COS%.  We do this by increasing the visibility of your best performing products and suppressing products that aren’t converting as well.

We continue tweaking your campaigns until we reach your target ROI.  Once we reach your target ROI, we maintain and optimize your campaign.  We perform daily checks to ensure your COS% is consistent and check for opportunities to maximize your ROI even further.

Why Go With Us?

Here at CPC Strategy, we strive to be the best at what we do.  Our devoted team is always searching for new technologies and best practices that can be applied to optimizing your PLA campaign.

We also pride ourselves on customer service.  We reply to all inquiries in a timely fashion with a clear and concise answer that has been reviewed by several members of our team.  We will only work with clients if we truly believe you will benefit from our service.

Fill Out The Form Below And We Will Get Back To You Within 24 Hours (and usually a lot faster than that): 

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