Instagram Influencer Marketing:

Magnify Reach & Multiply Ad Revenue

How Fortune 500 brands are wasting less advertising budget & maximizing their reach

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Why care about influencer marketing? Properly constructed Instagram influencer marketing campaigns help to expand your reach and drive more sales. The struggle for many businesses comes from the back-end work that goes into setting up an Instagram influencer marketing strategy. We’re here to help.

Topics We’ll Be Discussing:

  • Unpacking who your audience is and how to find them
  • Micro vs Macro-influencers, what makes sense for you?
  • Locating influencers that resonate with your target audience
  • How to execute an Instagram influencer marketing campaign
  • Tracking the success of your campaigns

Don’t Miss Out—we’ve brought in an expert on Instagram influencer marketing, Klear’s Angus Gorberg, to discuss how to find success incorporating influencer marketing into your current marketing strategy.


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Event Speakers


Angus Gorberg

Influencer Marketing Expert & Sales Director

Anson Han

Digital Marketing Analyst

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