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How To Get Featured On The CPC Strategy Blog (

We’re constantly looking for solution providers to help our audience grow their online businesses. Usually that means we’re looking to talk about companies that are not on the online marketing end, we have that area covered pretty well. Anything that deals with a retail site or fulfillment, customer service, or a different ecommerce function, we’d love to feature you to help us and our audiences learn about your company.

If you are interested please answer the five questions below. The less spammy you can be, the more effective your message will be received by our audience. It will also encourage our Data Analysts, who deal directly with our 200 online retail clients, to share the blog post you have on our website with the clients they’re working with.

Here are the questions, please provide as much information as possible for our readers to get a complete picture on how your service can help them:

1. What do you do and who exactly do you help? Please share as much as possible about your solution.



2. How much does your service cost?



3. What does the integration process look like?



4. Do you have any case studies you can share on your results with retailers?



5. Any additional information retailers should know about your product and/or service? (this is the perfect place to put information from your .com, case studies, etc).



Once you send back your answers to mary(at) (including the answers in the email or as a Microsoft Word doc is fine) we will give you an exact publish date for your article. If you have any questions please let us know.

Thank you!

You can also contact us through the form below.

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