Full-Service Google Shopping Management

Focused On Delivering Relevant Advertising That Converts

We collaboratively look over your analytics and past Google Shopping campaigns to create bidding strategies tailored specifically for your business. Our team is a group of Analysts with extensive knowledge in managing & optimizing Google Shopping campaigns to give you the best ROI.


A Dedicated Retail Search Manager For Your Business

Your Retail Search Manager will check your campaign’s performance each and every day to look for opportunities to increase sales or cut costs. We continuously re-evaluate all campaigns & bidding strategies with seasonal trends and consumer buying cycles in mind. This makes certain that we are reaching the best ROI possible for you.


Weekly Campaign Reporting

In addition to receiving the utmost attention from our group of Google Shopping experts, you will receive detailed weekly analytic reports of your campaign’s performance. We are 100% transparent about the work we do so you will always have an idea of the changes we are making to your campaigns..


What You’ll Get With Our Google Shopping Management


  • Dedicated Retail Search Manager
  • Weekly Reporting
  • Multi-level Bidding Strategy
  • Managed Search Term Exclusion
  • Product Impression Management
  • Title Text Optimization
  • Semantic Feed Optimization
  • Weekly Room Strategy Sessions
  • Data Bucket Segmentation And Testing
  • And A Whole Lot More…


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