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In today’s ultra-competitive Google Shopping landscape, retail advertisers need every marginal advantage they can access. The ability to analyze sales performance, efficiency, & cost of sale (COS) at the product-level is extremely powerful for any Google Shopping practitioner.

Powered by our retail search platform, CAPx, Google Shopping AI is the same technology and reporting that allows our Google Shopping Analysts to make efficient and powerful campaign modifications at scale.

In this free beta trial, users will be empowered with instant, meaningful reports of product performance within their Google Shopping account.


Get access to personalized reports like:

  • Non-converting products by spend
  • Top performing brands and product ID’s by revenue
  • Top brands and products by ROAS
  • Your trending products (upward and downward)
  • Unprofitable SKUs w/ At Least 1 Conversion
  • Search Terms Report (ex. Most profitable and costly keywords)


Note: No obligations – You can end the trial at any time.


How This Works

1. Sign up for the Free Trial by filling out the form at the top of the page.

2. Grant permission for Google Shopping AI to access your AdWords Account
(note: trial can be ended at any time)

3. Receive regular, hand-selected reports on your account performance

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