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As a performance marketer you should be asking yourself:

  • What are my Facebook campaign goals?
    Conversions? Brand awareness?
  • What’s my target ROI for our Facebook ad budget?
    2:1? 3:1?
  • What does success look like for us?
    Profitability? Sales? Traffic?

Now, how well do your campaign goals match up with your target ROI & defined success? Does there seem to be under-performing campaigns or misaligned goals?

Don’t worry, we see this a lot, and we’re going to arm you with strategies to improve your performance in this 2-day Facebook & Instagram advertising series.

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2-Day Event Breakdown:

  • 9 Strategies To Lower Facebook Ad Cost & Improve Conversions

    – Objective-based Campaign Structure

    – Mastering Your Facebook Remarketing Strategy

    – Optimizing Site Conversions To Maximize Facebook Campaigns

  • Next Level Methods to Finding & Reaching Your Target Audience Across Facebook & Instagram

    – Finding & Engaging Your Target Audience

    – New Ways To Cross-Promote Content On Facebook & Instagram

    – Utilize Listening & Instagram Stories To Identify Buyers


Thought Leadership Through High Quality Content

Sarah Rogers | Manager, Performance Social | CPCS

9 Strategies To Lower Facebook Ad Cost & Improve Conversions

Lucy Hitz | Head, Marketing Communications | Simply Measured

Next Level Methods For Finding & Reaching Your Target Audience On Facebook & Instagram