How World Class Retail Brands Win the Attention of Consumers

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User Generated Content (UGC) is quite a big buzzword in the retail space these days, but what exactly is it? How do you gather user generated content? And once you collect the content, how do you repackage it to fit into your current advertising arsenal?

We’ve brought in the CEO of Tint, leading B2C user generated content platform, who will dive into how world class retail brands are leveraging UGC in their Facebook advertising strategy to attract new customers.

What We’ll Cover:

  • Why you should use UGC in Facebook ads and how to source it
  • Questions to answer when launching UGC + Facebook ads
  • Integrating UGC into your Facebook ad strategy safely and legally
  • Inspirational case studies and metrics that will surprise you
  • Live Q&A forum

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Event Speakers

Nick Cotter

 Marketing Manager


Tim Sae Koo


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