How To Evaluate Your Q4 Ecommerce AdWords Performance

Find out where you wasted spend, lost impression share, & missed on sales

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2017 is behind us, and a lot of Ecommerce Marketing executives are scratching their heads thinking—Why didn’t we perform as well as we anticipated?

Questions you probably have:

  • Where were the missed opportunities in my Shopping campaigns?
  • Did I have a robust bidding strategy in place for my campaigns?
  • Was I wasting spend on keywords that never converted?
  • Amazon’s a real threat—What can we do to combat them?

Don’t Miss Out—Join our two in-house retail search experts as they answer your last-minute questions and take a look back into Q4 to identify key factors stunting your sales performance & growth.

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Event Speakers


Jason Bell

 Sr. Retail Search Manager


Adam Harms

 Sr. Retail Search Manager


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