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May 2013: Google Announces Dynamic Retargeting For All AdWords Advertisers

Google announced today the launch of dynamic remarketing for all Google clients with a Google Merchant Center account, an option which has been available to some merchants for some time in beta.

Dynamic remarketing will also be available to those in travel and education later this year, and other verticals in the future as well.

What Google AdWords Dynamic Remarketing Means For Online Retailers

Here is a video explanation of the Google Dynamic Remaketing announcement, and what it means for merchants:

What Is Google AdWords Dynamic Remarketing?

If you are an online merchant who is remarketing historically, you’ve  have a couple of different options:

Before Google AdWords Dynamic Remarketing

What Online Merchants Can Do With Google AdWords Dynamic Remarketing

Retarget to customers using a remarketing platform such as Adroll, or Mediaforge. Google pulls your product information, images and displays ads based on items which sell well or what shoppers have viewed recently.
Set up a remarketing campaign using Google Shopping, and submit images and ad content for ads. Customize your remarketing ads based on Google templates to maintain the feel of your site.

Google AdWords Dynamic Remarketing allows online merchants to get the automation of a remarketing platform with the clout and ease of Google.

“With Google, you can build beautiful dynamic ads in minutes without the help of a professional designer. Follow the simple campaign setup workflow in AdWords to customize your dynamic ads with the style elements of your brand or simply upload your logo and let our auto-optimized layouts feature do the rest.”- Google Think Insights

Here is what a Google Dynamic Remarketing Ad looks like: 

Google Remarketing Ad example

Check out some additional Google Dynamic Remarketing Ads here.

How Do I Get Started With Google Dynamic Remarketing?

Set up your dynamic remarketing campaign and add the dynamic retargeting tag to your site (or edit your current remarketing tag).

Why Is Google AdWords Dynamic Remarketing A BIG Deal?

Google’s dynamic remarketing is feed based, so Google is pulling product information, images and using that to generate remarketing ads. Using Analytics information, Google can also  identify which products convert well and use those as your remarketing ads.

Elements Of Google Dynamic Remarketing:

  • Google Auto Optimized Layout Feature– Chooses ad layout for performance.
  • Google Product Recommendation Engine– Chooses products for ads: related products, popular products, and products online shoppers have viewed before.
  • Google Real Time Bidding Algorithm–  Calculates bids for each impression.

Merchants can tailor audiences and other variables within AdWords, in addition to the above groups.

Merchants using Google Dynamic Remarketing

Google Dynamic Remarketing Vs. Remarketing Plaforms

Remarketing Variables

Remarketing Plaforms: e.g Adroll

Google Dynamic Remarketing

Remarketing Price

Minimum monthly spend, e.g Adroll $2000/mo minimum No monthly spend levels.

Remarketing Social Influence

Facebook Influence, e.g Remarketing platforms have access to Facebook. It’s doubtful Google ever will. Google Plus, enough said.

Remarketing Online Merchant Set Up 

Simple Integration: e.g With Adroll, choose your budget and bids will be set for you. Set up requires some development knowledge. Once you’re set up it basically runs on its own, excluding the bids you choose.

Remarketing Experience

Remarketing Platforms have been around a while, and have a smooth ad look, templates and experience with remarketing. Google is still newer to the Dynamic Remarketing game (Since 2010).

“With this move, Google is definitely minimizing some of the prior barriers to entry for Dynamic Retargeting. With their absolute bidding flexibility and no minimums on spend, this will be a great tool for small to midsize online retailers and the big guys alike.” – Josh, Account Manager and Remarketing Specialist

Google Dynamic remarketing Is Feed Based

It all comes back to your data feed. Google Dynamic Remarketing works using information it pulls from the Google Merchant center feed, and Google Analytics. If the feed you are sending isn’t up to date, SEO optimized and as detailed as possible you are losing out on Google Shopping, and on Google Remarketing Ads.

Google Shopping Feed Requirements 

Optimize Your Google Shopping Feed 

Google Dynamic Remarketing News

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