Driving a Profitable Return on Your Amazon Sponsored Products Ad Spend

Reach More Shoppers, Drive More Revenue & Improve Your ROI

Tuesday, June 27th @ 11am PT/2pm ET

There’s no question, Amazon Sponsored Products is one of the most powerful tools for sellers looking to drive product exposure & revenue. Its ad listings allow you to place your products in front of new, targeted audiences, multiplying your sales opportunities for sustainable long-term growth.

Join CPC Strategy & Amazon for a Sponsored Products webinar that’s going to cover strategies, results and live Q&A with a member of the Amazon Marketing Programs Team.

Event Layout:

  • Advanced Sponsored Products Campaign Structures
  • Keyword Harvesting and the Search Term Report
  • Advanced Manual Campaigns and Bidding Strategy
  • Refined Product Targeting with Negative Keywords
  • Live Question and Answer Session

Can’t make it? We’ll send you the slides and recording.


Event Speakers

Pat Petriello

 Head of Marketplace Strategy


Sholanki Sarkar

  Marketing Program Manager


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