CAPx Amazon Advertising Technology

For Professional Third-Party Amazon Sellers

Powerful Performance Optimization Tools


CAPx Amazon is designed to equip professional third-party sellers with the technology to implement ongoing Sponsored Products optimization and Marketplace sales growth.

The platform provides a foundation that aims to ensure long-term vitality on the Marketplace, allowing sellers to focus on initiatives that generate the biggest margin gain and eliminating the workflow challenges that Seller Central presents.


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Automated Bidding Solution


Organic Rank Tracking

Sponsored Products Management

Ad Performance Reporting

Organic Rank Tracking

See how Amazon views your products against relevant ranking factors and discover how product price impacts your organic rank & BSR (Best Sellers Rank). True “organic” rank tracking without ad placements.

Historical indexing for every product/keyword


Monitor your feedback efforts with Reviews & Average Rating

Monitor all categories that your products are indexed in and assess competition

Create custom alerts for when your KPIs change

Sponsored Products Management



Edit bids based on performance across all campaigns

Pause campaigns & keywords that aren’t performing well


Add negative keywords to existing campaigns / ad groups


Impact analysis with user change history report

Ad Performance Reporting

  • Completely customizable date ranges
  • Comparison date range reporting
  • Data visualizations allow for easy and quick trend analysis
  • Sophisticated and customized filtering features for reporting and bid management

Automated Bidding Rules

  • Fully customizable dashboard
  • Bid impact analysis with change history
  • Ability to undo bid changes
  • Custom scheduling
  • Simple and easy set up!

“CAPx for Amazon Sponsored Products paid for itself within two weeks. In addition to providing a powerful elegant dash for managing campaigns and bids far more productively, it also features customizable bidding rules automation. Using these tools, I was able to improve campaign efficiency by 30% within the first two weeks while growing revenue. The training and support has been excellent and I found the system highly intuitive. Highly recommended!”

Nick Carter

Marketing Director,

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