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Brand Policing Best Practices for
Amazon Sellers

Proactive and Reactive Measures to Take When Enforcing Your Brand

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The Story: Simply put, it’s really difficult to keep your brand free of copyright infringers, MAP violators, and listing hijackers on Amazon. But as a seller, it’s important that you know your options when these types of issues inevitably happen, and just as important, how you can take preventative measures to avoid these situations entirely.

The Guide: This guide breaks down the 3 most common types of brand violation cases: copyright infringement, MAP violations, and unauthorized reselling. You’ll learn how to identify potential violation cases and which types of legal actions are usually deployed to address violators.

Who It’s For: Vendors, brands, & private labelers selling through Amazon


You’ll Learn:

  • 3 Signs of trademark & copyright infringement
  • Amazon’s role in dealing with brand violators
  • How to monitor and address MAP violators
  • Proactive measures like trap buys and product serialization

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