Improving Your Sponsored Products Strategy for Amazon Prime Day

2016 Amazon Prime Day: Sponsored Products

Despite consumer complaints over last year’s Amazon’s ‘Prime Day’, Amazon sellers still saw a dramatic increase in incremental revenue on this day with millions of consumers flocking to Amazon.

With the increased traffic to Amazon on this day, Amazon sellers need to prepare their marketing arsenal – especially their sponsored products strategy – to take full advantage of Amazon Prime Day.

On Wednesday, June 8th at 11am (PT) David Cooley, Lead Marketplace Channel Analyst and Jeff Coleman, Director of Account Management at CPC Srategy will host a 60 minute webinar for Amazon Professional Sellers on how to best prepare for Amazon Prime Day.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • Amazon Prime Day Basics
  • How to Take Advantage of the ‘Halo Effect’ Prime Day Traffic
  • Manual vs. Automatic Campaigns – Which to Choose From?
  • Refining & Sculpting Your Target Audience with Negative Keywords
  • Controlling Sponsored Products with Advanced Match Types
  • LIVE Q&A

amazon prime day

Amazon Prime Day Sponsored Products Strategy



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