What Was Google Shopping’s Q4 2012 Conversion Rate? Contest Winners Announced!

Yesterday hopefully you saw us release our study that compared Google Shopping and Amazon Product Ads advertiser performance in 2012. We looked at average CPC rates, conversion rates, traffic, and cost per sale.

About a month ago, before we released the reports, we asked you what you think Google Shopping’s conversion rate was in Q4.

Here’s the conversion rate graph:

Google Shopping’s Conversion Rate in Q4 2012: 2.4%

The Winners:

1. Janel Crisp from Adirondack Authority got first place with her guess of 2.24%

2. Elizabeth Marsten from Portent got second with her guess of 3.14%

3. Ryan Dobrin from Sylvane got third with his guess of 3.75%

Emails have been sent to the winners to see where they want their $50 gift card from.

Thanks for playing, be sure to join in next time!

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