"No Items Inserted": Google Merchant Center Hiccups Over Weekend

the imageAs online retailers awoke Sunday morning to grab their coffee and paper there was a bit of confusion that arose for those who were exporting their feed(s) to Google’s Merchant Center.

It appears there was a window between Saturday night and Sunday morning that caused any feed sent to Google to return a “No Items Inserted” message within the login, prompting fears that their products would be taken down on Google Product Search.

Not to worry though, as this was a temporary error on Google’s part and any feed submitted afterward should be accepted as normal.

A few discussion threads across the web and on Google’s own help forum sparked over the weekend as well to discuss this issue:

Has anyone had an issues in the last couple days with your Google Data Feed?

For some reason, tonite it says “No Items Inserted”, but I do not see where it shows a reason why. It has been uploading fine until tonight (Sat night).

The worry is understandable as Google Product Search is a provider of a substantial amount of free traffic to merchants worldwide, and an unexplainable error can cause a merchant to lose out on sales without any sort of explanation–but again, the issues should be resolved at this point.

Discussion threads:



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