Google Base to Require "Condition" Attribute in Feed

Not long after requiring merchants to accept their new terms of service, Google Base is now requiring merchants to specify the “condition” field by June 30, or again risk having their products be taken down.

The options for this field are “new”, “used”, and “refurbished”.

This should allow users to more easily find exactly what they’re looking for, particularly if they’re in the market for used/refurbished items. There are a good number of merchants listed on Google Base that sell refurbished merchandise such as electronics, and this should help them be found as well.

Right now a search for say refurbished ipod or refurbished LCD TV on Google Product Search, a majority of the top results don’t have anything to do with refurbished products at all, so hopefully this can be improved as well.

In other news, the astute Google Product Search user will notice that Google has updated their logo, as seen above.

About the AuthorTien Nguyen is a co-founder of CPC Strategy and deals with data feeds in his waking hours and often in his sleep. He spends his free time with Rubik's cubes while rooting for the underachieving Raiders and UCLA sports teams where he graduated with a mathematics/economics degree. See all posts by this author here.

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