Google Product Search now lists Adwords, Allows Barcode Scanning

For astute, regular users of Google Product Search, one may have noticed that Adwords have begun to be displayed along the free product listings:

In theory, adwords listings within Google Product Search results should help improve conversion rates since the traffic should be much more qualified. Generally users will receive such results within normal Google search results or hidden away as advertisements on other sites–by being displayed alongside actual products that people are searching for, a consumer is automatically seeing something that is relevant to them.

For more information on how to get this done, be sure to check out Google’s help document”.

Source: Search Engine Roundtable.

Google has also released a special feature for their own “Google phone”. Users of Android handsets now have the ability to scan barcodes which directs them to a Product Search results page, allowing them to compare the in-store price with that of various vendors online.

This would be a great way for a consumer to go into a store, check out the product in the flesh, and decide whether he can save by buying online–or if it’s worth the premium to purchase it right away.

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