Having a Clearance Sale on a 3rd World Country?

A while back we told you about the Google Base Doomsday bug in which one of the sections on Google Base’s dashboard is incapable of showing 5 figures.

It’s mainly irrelevant and doesn’t really affect merchants with a relatively large number of products (> 10,000), but for merchants with a super feed, e.g. in the million product range, an extra step is required in order to make sure all their products are listed.

Per Google’s instructions:

Note: You can post as many items as you like. However, if you plan on sending us more than 100,000 items, please contact us so we can make the appropriate changes to your account.

If you happen to be in that boat then, send over a request to our good friends at Google at their help center.

One client of ours has nearly a million unique SKUs listed on Google Base consisting mainly of items you can find around your house–potentially enough to furnish a small country with.

We’re not exactly sure if there is actually a maximum number of products that Google will allow in a single data feed, but given their massive server farms, a million here and there probably won’t have much of an effect on their hardware.

About the AuthorTien Nguyen is a co-founder of CPC Strategy and deals with data feeds in his waking hours and often in his sleep. He spends his free time with Rubik's cubes while rooting for the underachieving Raiders and UCLA sports teams where he graduated with a mathematics/economics degree. See all posts by this author here.

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