Better Measure Prospecting Campaigns with a Custom Attribution Model

Tailor an Attribution Model for Your Business Goal, Data & Budget to Accurately Measure Success

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Wary of investing too much ad spend without attributing success to the proper channels? Understand how each channel relates and supports each other through your shopper’s journey for an accurate representation of your marketing investments. Let’s do away with the complexity and guesswork involved in attribution. In this webinar we’ll share the reports we look at to get insights into ad performance beyond last-click attribution no paid tool.

Some Topics We’ll Discuss:

  • Debunking Standard Attribution Models
  • How to Incorporate User-Data & Google Insights
  • Accurately Measuring Success of Prospecting Campaigns
  • Structuring Your Business’ Unique Attribution Model
  • Evaluating Advertising Investments to Conserve Ad Spend

Don’t Miss Out—CPC Strategy retail search experts unpack how to attribute success of your campaigns without a paid tool.

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Event Speakers

Lewis Brannon

Senior Retail Search Manager

Nick Manessis

Lead Retail Search Manager

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