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Avoiding Amazon Account Suspension

Amazon Sellers’ Lawyer Reveals Actionable Plan to Avoid Account Suspension

The Story: Amazon seller suspension is more common than many are aware of. If you want to run a successful e-commerce business on Amazon, it’s crucial to understand why seller accounts get suspended, how to avoid a suspension, and what to do if your Amazon account gets suspended.

Don’t Miss Out – We’ve brought in the founder of Amazon Sellers Lawyer, CJ Rosenbaum, who has over 22 years of practiced law under his belt. He will be revealing methods to avoid Amazon account suspension & tips to reinstate your account if you are suspended.

Event Layout:

  • Basic Account Health Diagnosis
  • Making Business Decisions, Not Emotional Decisions
  • How to Handle Suspensions (Full Account or Specific ASINs)
  • 30 Min Q&A with Amazon Sellers Lawyer


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Course Speakers

Pat Petriello

Head of Marketplace Strategy



CJ Rosenbaum



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