How To Give CPC Strategy Access To Your AdWords Account


Step by Step

Step 1: Open Your AdWords Account (if you have multiple accounts choose the one you want to give access to).

Step 2: In the upper left hand corner of your Google Ads account you will find your 10-digit Customer ID.

Step 3: You can either email or call your account [rep] with your ID.

Step 4: Once we receive it, we will send a request for access under the name SEM Strategy Audit.

Step 5: If you are an admin on the account you should get an email from Google. Please accept the request. Otherwise, you can go into Tools (aka the wrench icon in the upper right-hand corner), then click on Account Access under the SETUP column.

Step 6: Click on MANAGERS at the top of the page.

Step 7: You should see a listing for SEM Strategy Audit – accept access and you’re all set!


What You Can Expect from a CPC Strategy Audit

Objective of the audit

To identify wasted ad spend and potential areas to profitably scale ad spend which will lead to additional sales volume in the account.


  • About CPC Strategy
  • Introduction to our Associate Account Executive
  • What are your goals as a company?
  • How are you evaluating success / KPIs in upcoming months?
  • Why are you on the call today & what brought you to CPC Strategy?

Go into the account


  • How are you tracking conversions?
  • Are you over reporting?
  • Is conversion value set up correctly?


  • Device performance
  • Fluctuation of CPC bids based on historical performance on a product level
  • Search Term Targeting
  • RLSA
  • Title Optimizations

Account Level

  • Brand & Item ID level performance (aka which brands sell the most)
  • Search Impression Share (aka the amount of time you are showing up against competitors)


  • Introduction to CPC Strategy’s platform
  • Rule-based bidding vs algorithmic
  • Implement a “mock” rule for the account
  • Custom Labels, A/B testing titles

    Final thoughts on “areas of opportunity” within the account.


“It’s a genuine pleasure working with CPC Strategy. My Retail Search Team are true professionals and I’ve seen nothing but upstanding integrity and attention to detail from them and the rest of the CPC team.”

– David Varnai, Director of Performance Marketing | Zenni Optical