Are You 100% Prepared for Amazon Prime Day 2017?

Open Q&A Preparation For Largest Sales Day in Amazon History

Tuesday, June 27th @ 11am PST/2pm EST

Amazon’s single biggest sales day in history is about to arrive – Amazon Prime Day. This could very well be one of the most important days for the marketplace in 2017 & as an Amazon seller, you must ask yourself, are you 100% ready?

While the date for the 2017 Amazon Prime Day hasn’t been released (most likely it’ll be second week of July), Sellers still have time to ask questions around strategic preparation for the influx of shoppers on Amazon to maximize their revenue potential.

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  • How Should I Prepare my Sponsored Products Campaigns?
  • Should I Make Changes to my Product Content?
  • Should I Adjust my Product Pricing?
  • How did Other Sellers Perform Last Prime Day?

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Event Panelists

Pat Petriello

 Head of Marketplace Strategy


Leo Carrillo III

 Markeplace Channel Analysts


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