Advance Your Advertising Strategy with Customer Lifetime Value Data

How to Implement Customer Lifetime Value for a Successful Customer-Centric Business Approach

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How can a brand turn one-time customers into loyalists, loyalists into repeat purchasers? How can a brand acquire new and relevant audiences? This is when Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) data comes in to provide crucial insights to advance your advertising strategy.

Some Topics We’ll Discuss:

  • Introduction to CLV & Customer-Centric Marketing
  • Evaluating Your Brand’s Profitability vs. Revenue
  • Audience Segmentation for New Lifetime Customers
  • CLV Advertising & Marketing Strategies to Acquire, Retain & Grow

Don’t Miss Out— CPC Strategy & Windsor Circle dive into the importance of a customer-centric business approach and how to incorporate Customer Lifetime Value Data into your advertising strategy.

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Event Speakers

Jason Bell

Senior Retail Search Manager

Polly Flinch

Director of Marketing

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