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The State of Google Shopping:
Key Takeaways for 2016

A Critical Look at the Emerging Trends in Shopping Performance & Strategy

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The Story: After Q4 2015, it’s now clear that there‚Äôs much more to the story around Google Shopping than just consistent growth, and many current Shopping advertisers are starting to find that a greater investment in time, budget, expertise, and technology is required to keep the channel thriving.

The Report: This report breaks down, analyzes, and offers solutions to the new high-level trends we observed from advertiser performance during the 2015 holiday shopping season.

Who It’s For: Brands/retailers already advertising on Google Shopping


You’ll Learn:

  • Increased competition with Big Box retailers
  • New performance data on revenue, clicks, and cost of sale (COS)
  • Which verticals/product categories get the most PLA exposure
  • The role of special offers and promotions during the shopping season

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