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Not Thrilled With Your Google Shopping & Text Campaign Performance?

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Improve Your 2018 Google Shopping & Paid Search Strategy

Google Shopping Feed Optimization

Bid & Performance Optimization

Display Network Targeting

Ad Copy + Keyword Analysis

Google Shopping Optimization

Ongoing success on Google Shopping requires both, customizing the Google Merchant Center feed in unison with maneuvering ad visibility levers within AdWords. By treating each SKU as its own line of business, retailers can maximize their performance and profitability.

  • Bid & performance optimization
  • Segmenting & fine-tuning visibility for non-branded and branded traffic
  • Implementation of the ISO Strategy(TM)
  • Feed management & expertise

Bid & Performance Optimization

Using product-level performance data to drive strategy, we specialize in constructing highly efficient, constantly evolving Search campaign architectures that find the balance between maximizing order volume and profitability.

  • Allocate budget to the most profitable campaigns & SKU segments
  • Advanced marketing strategy that incorporates programmatic bidding, budget pacing, search term harvesting, and negative keyword grouping.
  • Scale ad visibility via day-parting, geo-targeting, and device-level modifications
  • Facilitate the integration of google reviews into Shopping campaigns

Display Network

  • Programmatic video retargeting
  • Google Dynamic Remarketing
  • Facebook Dynamic Ads retargeting
  • Targeted Google Display Network placements against high-value audiences

Programmatic Ad Copy Adjustments

  • Ad copy tests to optimize CTR + Conversion Rate
  • Allocate budget to most profitable campaigns & keywords
  • Filter out negative keywords on an ongoing basis
  • Grow account’s keyword list through daily, weekly, & monthly processes
  • Integrate ad extensions for locations, calls, seller ratings, and consumer ratings

“CPC Strategy’s proactive management and professionalism is best-in-class. This level of service is seldom seen in today’s business world.”

– Jeff McRitchie, VP of Marketing | MyBinding

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