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We Drive Conversions
By Matching Retail Inventory With Consumer Intent


We Leverage the Tactics & Strategies of the Biggest Names in Online Retail
Evolved to Specifically Suit Your Business


Here at CPC Strategy we’ve spent a lifetime in Retail Search. It’s our natural habitat, we speak the language and we’re inherently fluent. Our team of analysts boasts elite talent from many of the leading research institutes, helping our clients
turn browsers into buyers everyday.

Driving Results For Happy Customers


Why Us?


Interpreting Retail Search Intent is the most critical factor that decides success or failure for your online business. CPC Strategy is an elite specialized Digital Marketing firm, measurably delivering the best sales results for retailers in the burgeoning field of ecommerce.


We’re on the front lines of understanding the latest developments of Retail Search. Not just from Google or what people say, but through the use of our own experience and best practice.


Don’t believe us? Just check out our library of resources. Our content is unmatched, we are the industry leaders when it comes to understanding Retail Search Intent and delivering the best sales results for online retailers.



We’re not stingy with our expertise


CPC Strategy is the Agency to Lead You Through a Future That Feels Uncertain to Everyone But Us

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(Our Retail Search Intent solution will give you an experience of a lifetime)


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